Thursday, July 25, 2024

Update #4 - July 2024

 Not much progress this week - some re-reading, and thinking, and a small amount of new writing. I need to focus more on that, but there keep being distractions.

After a cool but busy weekend, the weather has warmed up again, but that's July. Garden-wise, I have been running a sprinkler in my back yard to try and get things cooler and greener, helped by some good rain last Saturday night. At least the days are getting shorter, and my orange cat Ruay doesn't try to get me up quite as early - sometimes not before 6 a.m.

Thursday, July 18, 2024

July 2024 - Update #3

 I was busy this morning with yard work, and forgot it was Thursday. I'm slowly mowing parts of the overgrown back yard on mild mornings. Last weekend, on the other hand, was too hot for any outside work (highs around 100 F), although we did manage an early visit to the Sunday Pearl Street Farmer's market, plus a couple more stops. I have an unusual problem - while I wasn't driving this spring and early summer, some wasps established themselves under the hood of the truck. We did manage to leave a few behind on our travels, but the problem is far from solved...

No appreciable progress on the book this last week - partly due to the above mentioned weather, partly other things. Somewhat cooler weather for the next week, so I'm hoping to get going again. A teaser from the beginning of chapter 17:

That evening when much of the food had been served and was being eaten, Fráechán stood up at his head table and circled around to the performer’s spot by one of the fires in front of it. He was wearing again his forest-green robe, and the torch- and firelight shone in his long silver hair and short beard. I noticed that he was once again wearing his sling, and remembered that Taliesin and Ianto had checked his hand again after our return from the Hag’s Chair.

The folk in the hall gradually quietened as he stood waiting for their attention. At last, when he had his desired silence, he said with a smile, “I have been asked by one of our visitors to tell a tale tonight.” He paused, then went on slowly.

“This is a tale of magic, which happened long ago in this very place. Some of you have heard tales of Mac Criomthann, the British-born Druid who came here to study the magical arts at Emain Macha, for there was then no man left in all of Britain who could teach them to him in their entirety...

Thursday, July 11, 2024

July 2024 - Update #2

 Progress! I've finally finished proofing the first half of the book, and have started on chapter 17. Slowly, I admit, but it's progress. In the first half of this chapter, Fráechán tells a story of Mac Criomthann and the Sliabh na Caillí. I thought of this piece while I was ill and made some rough notes - now to turn it into a proper story. 

Hot and dry weather continues, with three days of 100 deg. F highs forecast for this weekend. After that we might get a break. I hope so!

Thursday, July 4, 2024

July 2024 Update #1

 After several more days of Denver Water's noisy chaos, digging holes in the street to reach the main water line and filling them in afterwards, I think they have finally finished on my block. At any rate, they are now doing their excavations two blocks to the west of me, and someone picked up the "no parking" signs here yesterday afternoon. Blessed peace -- just in time for tonight's 4th of July fireworks! 

I did get some work done over the weekend and Monday (proofreading and tinkering w/ the earlier chapters), and have now reached chapter 12 again and Gwernin's arrival in Ireland. After some thought, I decided against the changes I mentioned in my last update, and let those sections stand as they are for now. Proofreading and tinkering is getting more necessary as I am getting into the newer sections of the manuscript, written when I was trying to make an autumn deadline. I'm now also having to consider what will go into the rest of the book!

In the meantime, happy 4th of July. :)

Thursday, June 27, 2024

June 2024 Update #3

 The upcoming issue of Oak Leaves is mostly wrapped and has gone to the proof reader. This week's distraction, however, has been provided by Denver Water, whose subcontractors have been digging up the street (complete w/ sawing, drilling, scraping, excavating, and dump truck noises) all week. The mid-to-upper 90s F temperatures haven't helped either. I have managed to look at most of the PDF of the book to date, find and correct a few typos, and consider what to do with a couple of problem patches, one of which is an over-long flashback to Storyteller, and the other of which involves minor rewriting in a couple of chapters where I  decided the plot decisions didn't make sense. 

If the heavy equipment work is finished early next week, I might actually get a little forward writing done before Lughnasadh - this  will include remembering some of the things I thought of while I was ill which need to be in the story. At least I have finally got over whatever that was, and am almost back to normal physically. Next I have to decide what to do about the backyard lawn, which has gone unmown all summer -- but that may need to wait for cooler weather. Just as well I am not trying to finish the book before Samhain this year.

Friday, June 21, 2024

June 2024 Update #2

 I've spent the last couple of weeks putting the autumn issue of Oak Leaves together, so no book progress. I hope that will change next week -- soon, at any rate. I need to sort out a lot of the things I know should be in the story line now. In the meantime, yesterday was the summer solstice, and today will be 3 seconds shorter. And we finally had a good thunderstorm yesterday, with perhaps an inch of rain.

Thursday, June 6, 2024

June 2024 Update #1

 No new writing, but continued thinking. I've been busy w/ Oak Leaves and another project this week, but spent some time yesterday reading passages in The Fallen Stones where Gwernin first meets Fráechán. Things have to match up (more or less). But The Well of Wisdom will also have a lot of material from The King's Druid on Fráechán's  back story which Gwernin didn't know earlier, courtesy of Taliesin and of Fráechán himself.

Weather - we continue having an unusually warm June, and I hate to think about what it may be like in July. Because I was ill I didn't get anything started in the garden this year. Tomatoes I can buy in the market, but I miss the climbing beans with their red and purple flowers.

Saturday, May 25, 2024

Passing thoughts - 4th week of May 2024

 Considering various delays, I think the planned publication date on Well should be moved back to Samhain 2025. It occurred to me yesterday that this may be the last Storyteller book, and I want to get everything right. It ties up a lot of loose threads and puzzles from the preceding five books. There is a hypothetical third trilogy - "The Fall of the North" - but it starts twelve years after Well due to historical constraints, when Gwernin would be about 42 and Taliesin in his mid-60s, and is pretty dark. If I ever write those three books, I think they would be shorter and have a different shape. In the meantime, my next book after Well will be "Taliesin: King Arthur's Bard", another spin-off like "The King's Druid".

Sunday, May 12, 2024

Last update for a while

 I'm still not well tho slowly getting better. One thing is clear - after this big a delay, I won't finish the book before 1025. I'm stopping blogging till I have an update.

Sunday, April 28, 2024

April Update #4


Still no progress as still not not well - hope to be be be better soon.