Friday, June 21, 2024

June 2024 Update #2

 I've spent the last couple of weeks putting the autumn issue of Oak Leaves together, so no book progress. I hope that will change next week -- soon, at any rate. I need to sort out a lot of the things I know should be in the story line now. In the meantime, yesterday was the summer solstice, and today will be 3 seconds shorter. And we finally had a good thunderstorm yesterday, with perhaps an inch of rain.

Thursday, June 6, 2024

June 2024 Update #1

 No new writing, but continued thinking. I've been busy w/ Oak Leaves and another project this week, but spent some time yesterday reading passages in The Fallen Stones where Gwernin first meets Fráechán. Things have to match up (more or less). But The Well of Wisdom will also have a lot of material from The King's Druid on Fráechán's  back story which Gwernin didn't know earlier, courtesy of Taliesin and of Fráechán himself.

Weather - we continue having an unusually warm June, and I hate to think about what it may be like in July. Because I was ill I didn't get anything started in the garden this year. Tomatoes I can buy in the market, but I miss the climbing beans with their red and purple flowers.

Saturday, May 25, 2024

Passing thoughts - 4th week of May 2024

 Considering various delays, I think the planned publication date on Well should be moved back to Samhain 2025. It occurred to me yesterday that this may be the last Storyteller book, and I want to get everything right. It ties up a lot of loose threads and puzzles from the preceding five books. There is a hypothetical third trilogy - "The Fall of the North" - but it starts twelve years after Well due to historical constraints, when Gwernin would be about 42 and Taliesin in his mid-60s, and is pretty dark. If I ever write those three books, I think they would be shorter and have a different shape. In the meantime, my next book after Well will be "Taliesin: King Arthur's Bard", another spin-off like "The King's Druid".

Sunday, May 12, 2024

Last update for a while

 I'm still not well tho slowly getting better. One thing is clear - after this big a delay, I won't finish the book before 1025. I'm stopping blogging till I have an update.

Sunday, April 28, 2024

April Update #4


Still no progress as still not not well - hope to be be be better soon.

Saturday, April 20, 2024

April 2024 - Update #3


Sigh - no progress this last week because I've been unwell. Better luck next week.

Thursday, April 11, 2024

April 2024 - Update #2

 Things go faster some weeks than others, and it helps to know where the story's going next. In the last week, I finished chapter 15, and wrote chapter 16 in 3 days. I finally do have to take a break for taxes, etc., but that's OK, because the next chapter will be mostly a Mac Criomthann tale I haven't written yet, in which "he walked at Samhain on Sliabh na Caillí, and spoke the names of the stars." I have only a vague idea of what will be in it, but I expect he'll tell me about it when I get there, and a mundane break first won't hurt. I also got an idea yesterday about how to solve the problem of his ring -- I knew part of the answer already, but there's a gap.

It's definitely spring here now, with a lot of trees starting to bud out, and grape hyacinths blooming. Next week will be cooler and damper again, with hopefully more rain than snow. I decided to try starting the little current tomatoes from seed, but otherwise buy what I need at the farmer's market which starts early next month. They have a lot of heirloom tomato varieties, and I won't have to house the plants until then.

Thursday, April 4, 2024

April 2024 - Update #1

 After finishing chapter 14 ("Sliabh na Calli") last Friday, I initially made rapid progress with chapter 15 ("Beltane Fires"), but due to interruptions this week, I'm only halfway through it. At this point Fraechan is going to teach Gwernin's son Ianto to play a board game, and Taliesin et al are discussing where to go next. I'm going to have to pause again soon though, because I still haven't done my taxes (I meant to do them over the weekend, but the writing was going so well at that point I didn't want to stop). I also need to finish layout for the next issue of Oak Leaves...

It's beginning to feel like spring here - only light frosts, no snow for the last week, and the grape hyacinths are blooming in the nemeton on the warm south side of the yard. However, Denver is capable of heavy snows for at least another month, and my particular frost-free date is usually May 15th or there abouts. And I just realized I haven't started any tomato seedlings yet...

Thursday, March 28, 2024

March 2024 - Update #4

 I've finished chapter 13, and most of chapter 14. Gwernin et al have reached Fráechán's ráth at the base of the Sliabh na Caillí. He wasn't there when they first arrived, but is now, and they will be lighting the Beltane fires tonight. I need to finish this chapter today or tomorrow, so I can work on some other things while I think about what comes next.

The weather here continues in its spring pattern - snow, milder weather that melts it, snow again, etc. The last dump over the weekend was only about 4 inches here, although other areas got more, but the ground is mostly warm enough that it doesn't last long on the walks or streets - what I call "self-shoveling snow". Not much luck with all the crocus bulbs I planted last fall - the squirrels got some of them, and the severely cold weather seems to have got most of the rest. I'll try again earlier next fall.

Thursday, March 21, 2024

March 2024 - Update #3

I've almost finished chapter 13, bar a little tinkering. Last Saturday was a busy day for me, between running the Zoom sessions for our March Divination workshops and giving a presentation myself on the ogam. After that it took me a while to get going again. At least we've had no more snow.

Not having found Fráechán where they had hoped to find him, Gwernin et al spent a couple of days getting acquainted with some of the people and the location that I described in The King's Druid, and are getting ready to move on to Sliabh na Caillí, where they hope to meet him in time to celebrate Beltane. But in those uncertain times, not finding someone where you expect to find him can always be a cause for uneasiness.

The weather is inching into spring here, but no leaves on the trees yet. This is good, because last week's dreadful snow managed to break bare branches in the neighborhood, and I was glad to have power and internet for Saturday!