Friday, January 11, 2013


Monday we went to see the Denver Museum of Nature and Science's Pompeii exhibition. It was well worth while, with some fascinating artifacts. The Vesuvius eruption that buried Pompeii was in 79 AD, during the period covered by The Druid's Son, although not mentioned in the book (although it may come up as background information when/if I write more in that series). Anyway, I took lots of pictures, which are on my flickr account here. An example:

dec_2012 015

The exhibition closes Sunday January 13th.


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

Well, only a day late... Lots of things happening the last couple of weeks, not many of which were connected with either writing or gardening. I got back to work somewhat today. Spent most of the morning working on illustrations for a talk I'm giving in three weeks for a SCA group on Early Medieval religion in the British Isles (500-900 CE). The later half of that range is really outside my usual area of interest, but appropriate to the audience. It's partly designed to answer the question "I want to have a pagan English / Scottish / Welsh / Irish persona, when would that have been appropriate?" The answer is more nuanced than you might think. Although Britain was officially Christian under the late Roman Empire, Saint David (for example) was still said to be converting pagans in south Wales in the mid-sixth century, which implies there was still some number of them around.

The afternoon was mostly devoted to bookselling adminstrivia: inventory, preparing bins for our SCA twelfth night event, updating spreadsheets and reconciling balances prior to tax time. The self-published writer's work is never done...

Nice and sunny today, but the temperature barely got up to freezing, so no new pictures.