Resource links

Resources for Welsh Learners

Welsh-English / English-Welsh On-line Dictionary
Gwales - books and other materials in Welsh and English.
Acen - more Welsh learner's materials.  
Geriadur Prifysgol Cymru / University of Wales Welsh-English Dictionary
SaySomethinginWelsh is an online language learning site.
CWS Welsh Classes
Colorado Welsh Society home page

Welsh Links

New archaeological discoveries at Caerleon
Digital mirror - Welsh manuscripts at the National Library of Wales
Roman Legion Museum in Caerleon
Llyfr Aneirin - the Book of Aneirin
Peniarth 28: Illustrations from a Welsh Lawbook
Middle Welsh Translation Wiki & other resources

Irish Links

National Museum of Ireland
Brú na Bóinne Visitors Centre
Heritage Ireland
Ordnance Survey Ireland
CELT - Corpus of Electronic Texts
National Map Centre Ireland
Loughcrew and other ancient sites
The Stone Pages - Stones of Ireland
Davy Patton - early Irish harps

Scottish Links

National Museums of Scotland
Kilmartin Monuments - Aerial view of Dunadd
Pictish silver chain at the National Museum of Scotland

Anglo-Saxon Links

The Sutton Hoo Society
Benjamin Bagby's Beowulf

Other Links Used In My Books

The Celtic Calendar The Coligny Calendar

Old Amazon Reading Lists and other links

The Early Welsh Bards
Merlin, Myrddin, Taliesin
Romano-British Background
The Celts
The Saxons
Northern Britain
The Picts
Stories Set in Medieval Wales
Some of My Favorite Historical Novels
Historical Harp Music

Picture Links

Nesting Raptors
BBC Wales Nature Gallery

SCA Links

The main SCA website
Kingdom of the Outlands
Estrella War
Pennsic War
Cariadoc's Virtual Bardic Circle
A Skald's Journey

Neopagan links

Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship (ADF)
Silver Branch Golden Horn Grove, ADF (Denver, Colorado)

Other neat medieval stuff

Great music
Medieval replica jewelry and other stuff
Museum quality replica jewelry - highly recommended (

Old Reviews and interviews

A new review at Powell's
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POD Critic's review of Storyteller
Leo Stableford's review of Storyteller
PODler's review of Storyteller
Another new review - and she even bought the e-book!
POD Critic's interview with me
POD People's "my story" feature
This site listed Storyteller as best historical fiction of 2007
First review for Flight of the Hawk
Another review for Flight of the Hawk

Miscellaneous Blogsite Links

All Booked Up
Blog Dogfael
Copa'r Mynydd
fel y moroedd
Independence Cymru
Leo Stableford
Grumpy Old Bookman (on sabbatical)