Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Still here...

Well, what can I say? It's been Christmas... We got a big snow last Wednesday night and Thursday, roughly 8-10 inches here - very white Christmas. No new progress on the current book, but that should change soon. Other than that, not much different. Hope everyone reading had a good holiday!


Monday, December 19, 2011

Still here...

The weekend was busy, with SBGH's Yule celebration on Saturday night and some follow-up business on Sunday. Now I can get back to writing (!) for a while. Cold gray weather today with a few snowflakes should make it easier...


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday again...

Today's other poem/poems:

pen gaseg ar bren onn - yw
dim ond hen ysbryd - menyw
bod wedi marw amser maith
yn ol. nawr, yn y noswaith,
mae hi'n cerdded trwy'r tref
gyda wyneb yr hunlef
a'r pobl rhoi diod gref
iddi - i fyned adref.

A mare’s head on an ashen post?
No, it’s only some ancient ghost
Of a woman who died in the long ago days.
Now, in the twilight – or so they say! –
She walks through the town in a linen sheet
With a nightmare face, through the very streets,
And the people give her strong beer – no foam! –
Just to make (damned) sure she will go home!



The Colorado Welsh Society is having their Christmas tea this afternoon, and I'm scheduled to read two poems as part of the program. So guess what I was doing this morning... Here's the first.

Where is Llywelyn? Ble mae o?
He was due back eight nights ago.
The low sun creeps across the sky
And still I wait. He cannot die.
Without him, Wales might cease to be!
Ble mae Llywelyn? Where is he?

Where is Llywelyn? Ble mae o?
With banners bright we saw him go.
His scarlet lions shone in the sun—
I know this war can still be won—
and Cymru still can flourish, free!
Ble mae Llywelyn? Where is he?

Where is Llywelyn? Ble mae o?
I watch and wait; my worries grow,
But from the south I get no news.
The English king cannot refuse
To make peace soon, and then we’ll see…
Ble mae Llywelyn? Where is he?

Where is Llywelyn? Ble mae o?
Gwenllian fach, I do not know.
I wish that I could hold you tight.
I walk the battlements each night.
The sunrise lights no hope in me.
Ble mae Llywelyn? Where is he?

Where is Llywelyn? Ble mae o?
Outside Cilmari, in the snow,
Uncomforted, they say he died
In arms struck down. I know they lied.
He must live still! It cannot be!
Ble mae Llywelyn? Where is he?

Where is Llywelyn? Ble mae o?
To Avalon I’d have him go,
Like Arthur, live, and still fight on.
My time is spent. I must be gone.
Remember Eleanor, my dear—
Ble mae Llywelyn? I am here…

For more background, see Wikipedia.



Friday, December 9, 2011


No more snow this week, but a lot of what we got last week is still here, partly because of some really cold (-4 F)weather Monday and Tuesday. After that anything above freezing feels mild!

I've mostly been involved with the Yule ritual and the Welsh Society this week, but finally got started again on the new book and made my 1,000+ words daily quota last night. Onward...


Monday, December 5, 2011

Still here...

Still here and busy, just not keeping up with the blog...

Three snowstorms in the last week:

winter 007

About a foot of snow on the ground now, and the high today was around 16 deg. F...

I think we'll have a white Christmas (& Yule)!