Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday again...

Today's other poem/poems:

pen gaseg ar bren onn - yw
dim ond hen ysbryd - menyw
bod wedi marw amser maith
yn ol. nawr, yn y noswaith,
mae hi'n cerdded trwy'r tref
gyda wyneb yr hunlef
a'r pobl rhoi diod gref
iddi - i fyned adref.

A mare’s head on an ashen post?
No, it’s only some ancient ghost
Of a woman who died in the long ago days.
Now, in the twilight – or so they say! –
She walks through the town in a linen sheet
With a nightmare face, through the very streets,
And the people give her strong beer – no foam! –
Just to make (damned) sure she will go home!


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