Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Something I wrote recently....

Prayer of Thanks to Thor for Sending Snow 

Earth's child, son of Odin,
oath-ring keeper truthful,
hammer-wielder, hear me –
high I raise my praises!

Red-beard, Sif's beloved,
bane of trolls, grain-giver,
I have poured you offerings –
ale and mead, full measure!

Snow I asked you send us,
sleet and rain plain-wetting –
ocean-drinker answered,
ice and snow bestowing!

Giant-killing goat-lord
gave us our crop-saving –
storm-god sent us sky-seed,
silver, from rain-bringer.

Mjollnir's hurler, hear me,
who my plea has answered –
ale to you I offer,
Asgard's strongest guarder.

Hear, o foe-defeater,
friend of men, my singing –
Lord of Thunder, thankful,
thus I Har's ale offer!