Thursday, December 27, 2007

Snow, snow, snow...

Denver is really wintry right now. In the last week we've had probably 14 or 15 inches, and it's still coming down. Not as bad as last year's Christmas and New Year's blizzards, which put down close to 3 feet of the stuff, but enough to make me glad I wasn't planning on any traveling this year! Christmas Day I walked the mile over to my sister's house rather than go though the sequence of remove snow from the vehicle, shovel area necessary to open back gate, drive down snow-clogged alley, pick way carefully along icy and/or snow-packed streets, then repeat sequence in reverse in the evening... At least it's nice dry powder, easy to shovel.

On the other hand, I've been getting some writing done. Over twenty pages so far over the break, and I'm starting the 5th chapter of The Ash Spear! Occasional pauses to research, to "let my head fill up again", etc, but good progress overall. So far the action is all in North Wales, though some of the later part of the book will take us into northern England again. I wish I could go over and take another look at the landscape, but for the moment I'm working on memories of past trips, reinforced with a little judicious web-surfing and research. Maybe next year...


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