Saturday, January 23, 2010

St. Dwynwyn's Day

The Colorado Welsh Society is celebrating St. Dwynwyn's Day tonight, and I'm telling a story. This sounds like a normal thing for me to do, but there's a catch. I'm planning to tell a story in Welsh, to a (mostly) non-Welsh-speaking audience.

It isn't as crazy as it sounds. The story is one that should be familiar to everyone - the children's tale of the three goats, the bridge, and the giant. I'm planning to teach the audience three words before I start - "gafr", goat; "cawr", giant; and "pont", bridge. And I'll include interjections in English, like running footnotes. I did something like this at the Elizabeth Celtic Fair last summer, which is how I got asked to do it tonight. We'll see how it goes.

On the writing front, things are more or less stalled. This is partly due to some mundane issues I'm dealing with, and partly because I needed to think about just what story I'm telling here. Some of the subplots were showing signs of taking over, which is not good. I also thought about changing the title, but... well, it depends. Anyway, thinking, background reading, but no writing since the last post. It will come when it's ready.


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