Monday, November 22, 2010



Two mice caught so far, by trap, not by cat, although Titus (above) would have been happy to help if he'd seen them. Catching mice reminds me of the story in the Third Branch of the Mabinogion (right), where Manawydan's grain is being stolen by mice. He, however, had to catch his mouse himself, and he didn't have peanuts to use as bait...


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  1. How curious: I also have a mouse. I've been dithering, telling myself I'm looking for a catch-and-release trap, but really doing nothing. Perhaps I should face the music and set a spring trap. Sigh. Not sure I'll have the stomach to kill it if it's only snared, but better than a nest indoors.

    For now, the one we know of is in the covered stairwell, not yet in the basement. In any event, funny that I read of your dilemma just as I face my own.