Tuesday, January 11, 2011


-6 deg. F. this morning at sunrise, after a clear night, and the highest I saw yesterday was 18 F. Weather's supposed to warm up a bit today, though, and a lot more tomorrow.

There were fox tracks on my front porch yesterday, clear to see in the light dusting of snow that had drifted under the roof in the storm, and more tracks - one circuit's worth - in the back yard this morning. The fox population seems to have crashed sometime last summer, and I've been curious to see what the snow would show me. The occasional fox is one thing, but the possibility of coyotes worries me more, with their predilection for eating cats. So far, though, just a fox...

I got a bit of writing done yesterday, together with a lot more consulting of reference materials. Gwernin has reached Ireland, and I wanted to be sure I got the geography and history of the Newgrange area right. We were there on our October 2009 trip, but two days in cloudy / drizzly weather aren't really enough. Fortunately my map and reference collection covers the ground fairly well.

Another snow picture from yesterday:

snow on the rowan tree

And now, back to work...


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