Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Trouble in the garden yesterday evening - the bean fence fell over! Under-engineering, basically, plus very healthy beans this year. We got it part of the way back up, and are hoping it will hold for the remaining 5-6 weeks before our usual mid-September frost. Must do better next year!

garden 005

The last two days I've been writing, but not on The Druid's Son. With all of the storytelling we did over the weekend, I felt the need to expand my repertoire, and decided to try and pick up an old Irish tale I heard Patrick Ball tell ten or twelve years ago. By googling a couple of phrases, I found the original story on line, and have been working up my own version. With luck I might have it ready for the Long's Peak Highland Games in September. My version is somewhat different from both the original and what little I can remember of Patrick's - I added bits and took out bits, as one does, to adapt the tale to the anticipated audience - but I think it's shaping up well. I might post it here by and by if there's interest.

Back to work...


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