Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

and best wishes to all.


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  1. Just wanted to leave a note to say hi.

    I think it was you I met on the train this morning. I hope I didn't seem too presumptuous by asking for your card. I'd seen you before and thought you dressed similar to what I would some day, when I'm out of construction work. But when you recited your adorable poem about the cat, and mentioned you were a celtic storyteller, I couldn't resist asking you for your card.

    It's uncanny, but beside being a cat lover and a lover of celtic culture and lore, I'm also a historical novel writer. Amateur--right now. I'm trying to workshop my novel, while writing a second.

    Although you probably have met a good many people will similar interests, I'm a civil engineer and it's very rare to run into someone with the same interests I have. so I thought I'd drop you a comment and ask when you plan to have another storytelling performance. I would like to attend if I can. I'll send you an email so if you have time, and can alert me when something is coming up, I would really appreciate it. I'll invite my sisters--they're also great lovers of celtic lore and voracious readers.

    I took a look at your books, and think they are wonderful. I hope to write as well one day.