Tuesday, May 22, 2012


We spent the weekend in the Black Hills of South Dakota - one day w/ fair weather, one wet day, and one (the last) beautiful. We got back in time to see about three seconds worth of the eclipse as the sun dropped below the clouds and disappeared behind the mountains. We went up to the Hills for one of our favorite SCA events (some pictures coming later) and also paused on the way back to do a little wine tasting and take some train pictures.

black_hills 036

I even got a little work done on the Druid's Son book on my laptop - going to have to revise some bits, but I think the result will be much better. I spent a good chunk of yesterday reading about the Coligny Calendar and trying to get my head around a purely lunar way of measuring time... much more appropriate to the story, but a real mental challenge initially!

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  1. Yes, comments. Not much to say. Interesting line, very different from Dean Forest. Nice pictures. There, I've said it.