Friday, November 30, 2012


...and the end of November. The day started with a moment of mild panic. One the way out the door to take the truck to Greasemonkey before we drive to Cheyenne tomorrow for an SCA event, I discovered the postcard from DMV telling me my vehicle registration was due for renewal in October. Argh! (You get one grace month, and this was the last day...) Not wanting to drive to Wyoming with expired license plates, I changed my plans for the morning. All is now well...

The mild weather continues - usually by now we've had some snow and very cold weather, but I'm not complaining. (No, it's not "global warming", it's just the South Pacific "La Nina" oscillation.) This is the first time in three years the weather has been good enough to drive to Cheyenne for this weekend's event. There's a bardic competition scheduled, and hopefully I'll sell some books as well.

The squirrel's still in the attic, although it goes outside during the daytime. A guy from the construction company that did the roofing job last spring came by a few days ago and looked at the place where it's getting in, and agreed that yes there was a hole... He wouldn't commit to fixing it for free, and if they won't do it for free, I'll get someone else. Or I might yet climb up and do something myself. Or the squirrel may stay there till spring... (no, I don't think that last choice will fly. It's bouncing around in the attic again...)


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