Monday, September 2, 2013


...and the harvest season is in full swing. Yesterday I made a small batch of tomato chutney, using mostly tomatoes and sweet peppers from my garden. The farmer's markets are wonderful; the summer stone fruits from Colorado's western slope  - especially the peaches! - overlapping with the early apples and pears, and the scarce but wonderful local blackberries. Tonight's supper will include squash and green beans, again from my garden. The only drawback this year has been the squirrels, which have developed a taste for tomatoes to go with their passion for sweet corn.

With the end of summer, it's also time to start writing again. I've been reading through the manuscript of Gwernin's next book, The Fallen Stones, about one-third finished when I laid it down two years ago to follow the beguiling tale of the Druid's Son. Now it's time to start putting words one after another again, a process akin to building the bridge on which you walk, stone by stone, as you cross the void. I know more or less what's at the other end, but the journey is always exciting, and sometimes frightening. Don't look down...


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