Saturday, January 25, 2014

St. Dwynwen's Day

I'll be celebrating this with the Colorado Welsh Society today. To go with it, a short poem I wrote some years ago about the fate of Dwynwen's rejected lover...


Waves are breaking along the shore
– cold, cold my rememb’ring –
Never I’ll see her nor touch her more
– cold now and lonely my bed.

Waves are breaking across the bar
– cold, cold my dissembling –
Safe she lives now on her island afar
– cold are my hopes that are fled.

Waves are breaking upon the rock
– cold, cold my rememb’ring –
Cruel was my vengeance, bitter her shock
– cold is a passion that’s dead.

Waves are breaking upon the sand
– cold, cold my dissembling –
I live alone in a populous land
– cold is the penance I’ve bred.

Waves are breaking upon the sod
– cold, cold my rememb’ring –
Dwynwen my love lives married to God
– I lie alone and unwed –
Cold now and lonely my bed.

(from "King Arthur's Raid on Hell and other poems", (c) 2007 G. R. Grove)

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