Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Chapter titles

 My Storyteller books are in some ways travelogues, following Gwernin Storyteller on a season's wanderings. The chapter titles reflect this, although not always in the way one would expect. The first book, with its short chapters and two-part organization, is somewhat of an exception. The first half - "A Circuit Around Wales" - follows the usual spring-to-fall pattern and reflects a journey I had just made myself. In the second half of the book - "Winter in the Hills" - Gwernin has settled down for the winter with his teacher, and character development had to take the place of travel descriptions. I did not know, by the way, that I was writing a novel at that point, never mind the first of a series of novels - I thought I was writing a connected series of short pieces for a local newsletter. As things went on, however, I learned differently.

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