Saturday, July 23, 2022

Gorffennaf 2022

 The Welsh word for July is "Gorffennaf" - "Summer's End". This partly reflects the fact that grain harvests traditionally began at the end of the month, with Lammas (August 1st) marking the end of the growing season. I'm looking forward to slightly cooler weather soon; I find it hard to write when it's too warm. I have at last managed a little new work on the next Gwernin book ("The Old Gods Endure"), and hope for at least slow progress now, although it's clearly not going to be done this year after all. In the meantime, here's a teaser:

Chapter 1 – Llys-Tyn-Wynnan

I stood on the ridge above Llys-Tyn-Wynnan on a cold spring morning and waited for the sunrise. Beside me were my student Llacheu and my elder son Ieuan, called Ianto. Before me burned the small wood fire which we had lit earlier, and behind me at the foot of a tall gray standing stone lay the mound which covered my teacher Talhaearn’s grave...

More later :)

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