Friday, June 30, 2023

June 2023 - Update #5

I've finished the first draft of The Old Gods Endure and shared it with a few "first readers" for feedback. I've asked for general comments about the story, plus any parts that are unclear or confusing, and any continuity problems. I've asked for feedback by the end of August, at which time I'll proofread it myself again and make any needed corrections. Then on to preparing the final version for uploads to Lulu and Smashwords for paperback and ebook versions respectively, with a planned publication date of Samhain.

In the meantime, I'm currently finishing up the editing and layout work on the autumn issue of Oak Leaves magazine. When that's done, I will be working on a presentation for Chokecherry Grove's October Retreat, which will also be published in the winter issue of Oak Leaves (and therefore needs to be finished by the end of September). 

After all that, on to the next book, The Well of Wisdom. This will take Gwernin and friends back to Ireland, and complete the second trilogy of the Storyteller series!

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