Thursday, February 22, 2024

February 2024 - Update #4

 I'm still working my way through chapter 11, the title of which is still in flux. Last weekend was busy, and Tuesday I had a dentist appointment (as a result of which I have another one today for repairs), so that's three days shot. A lot of my progress yesterday was "recycling" again for Gwernin et al's journey to Ireland. I've got 1,529 words so far, but some of it still needs polishing, so I'll be working on that today and tomorrow, then trying to finish the chapter over the weekend -- an average chapter is about 3,000 words. They are currently on their way to King Díarmait’s ráth, where Taliesin plans to petition the King for pack ponies to replace the ones they left at Aberffraw before going on to look for their friend Fráechán.

My orange cat, Ruay, is having his morning outside time, when he likes to chase the squirrels. He's developed a habit of jumping onto the plant stands under the window and looking in at me and Mulberry. That won't work come summer, when the plants come out of the garage, but in the meantime it's amusing.

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