Thursday, May 10, 2007

Free books

Taking a break from King Arthur's adventures (yes, that was the entire poem, but I'll come back to its discussion later), I'm moving on to news and upcoming attractions.

First, the title: free (e-)books! Last night I notched up my 100th sale since Storyteller was released in January. Now, by mass market standards, that's not much, but for a self-published, barely-promoted, only-available-in-person-or-on-the-internet, doesn't-fit-in-any-standard-category first novel, I think it's pretty good, so I'm celebrating. The first 10 people who e-mail me at the address in the sidebar will get a free pdf. version of Storyteller, no strings attached. It won't even cost you a(n about to increase in price) stamp!

This brings me to coming attractions: what I'll be posting on next. Topic: what's for dinner? Food in 6th century Britain. Starting later today.

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