Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Well, I didn't get a book review up over the weekend, but I did get the first chapter of the new book written. That first step seems like a big one - you circle around thinking about when and where and who, how much of a frame, how to work the backstory in without overwhelming people, ditto how to introduce six or seven characters with strange names (an inescapable problem when writing about medieval Wales). I think I struck a fairly good balance, although inevitably tweaking will go on for a while. Now I should be able to settle down and get on with the story. The first book "just grew", the second one was vaguely planned, and the third one is showing signs of an alarming amount of plot complexity (necessary when planning to fit several story strands in a limited amount of pages). I am fending off the temptation to box it in too much, though - if I knew it all before I started, it wouldn't be fun!


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