Sunday, January 25, 2009

Yn araf / Slowly...

Dw i wedi gorffen pennod arall ddoe - dim ond pedair ar ol i ysgrifennu nawr.

Neithiwr mi es i'r Gwyl Dwynwen ein cymdeithias cymrieg leol. Roedd fel Noson Lawen, a mi ges i lawer o hwyl. Siaredais i stori wrth pawb, stori Tristfardd, bod yn fy llyfrau. Roedd lawer o ganu a dawnsio hefyd - noson da iawn.


I finished another chapter yesterday - only four more to write now.

Last night I went to our local Welsh Society's Dwynwen's Festival. It was like a Noson Lawn, and I had a lot of fun. I told a story to everyone, the story of Tristfardd, which is in my books. There was lots of singing and dancing, too - a good evening.



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