Sunday, February 15, 2009

Quiet day

Yesterday was cold and gray, a good day for writing. Last night we had a little powdering of fresh snow and a heavy frost, but today's sunlight will soon remove that. This morning I'm celebrating finishing the first draft of Ash Spear; tomorrow it's back to work on revisions. But I should have more time to blog regularly now.



  1. Sut mae, I thought I should comment—we seem to have such similar interests. I study Iron Age and Roman Britain (for fun), and have started learning Welsh. I listen to the "Learn Welsh Podcast" through iTunes, and an internet buddy in Wales just mailed me some old Welsh-English language books. I've recently been investigating Dark Age Britain. I'll have to start your Storyteller series (right after I finish the 4 books I'm already reading!)

    Have you read Food in Roman Britain or Eating and Drinking in Roman Britain? I wrote a short review on my blog:

  2. Sut mae, Andrew! We do indeed seem to have a lot of interests in common. Regarding Food in Roman Britain - no, that one seems to have escaped my attention previously - I just went over to Amazon & corrected that (where I found - surprise! Your very helpful review!). On the other hand, I do have Eating and Drinking in Roman Britain, and found it a good read as well as informative (and I reviewed it on amazon... ).

    Do you do LibraryThing? If not, check out the links on the sidebar. I think you'd be interested in some of the other titles in my library (

    I see you're in Colorado - are you aware of the Colorado Welsh Society? We have language classes...

  3. A Welsh Society? I just might have to look that up. Do you have a website? I haven't done too much with Library Thing—I should do. I see you include Atlas of Roman Rural Settlement in England ? That book is too dry even for me. Do you want yo buy my copy? :)

  4. The Colorado Welsh Society website is here. They have various activities through the year; the next is St. David's Day, I think on Sunday March 1 - details should be on the website. I mostly participate in the language classes.

    Atlas of Roman Rural Settlement in England is definitely on the academic end of the sprectrum - I bought it partly because it was on sale ;-) Do you have An Atlas of Roman Britain? I definitely recommend that one!