Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Autumn is here / Mae'r hydref yma

We took a trip up into the mountains last weekend to ride the Georgetown Loop. Mountain fall color is well advanced.

Heavy frost this morning after rain. The garden's over for the year; time to clean it up and think about next year. Time for more writing, too.
Cawson ni tro i fyny i'r mynyddoedd i reid y Georgetown Loop. Mae'r lliwiau hydref mynyddoedd yn ardderchog.

Rhew trwm y bore'ma wedi glaw. Mae'r ardd llysiau wedi dod i ben am y flwydden; amser ei llanhau a meddwl am y flwydden nesaf. Amser ysgrifennu hefyd.


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  1. I thought about taking the Welsh lessons (I'd love to learn how to pronounce Welsh words once and for all!)..unfortunately, I have to go out of town next week, so that's why didn't sign up. Maybe next time.

    Really enjoying your books!