Wednesday, October 27, 2010

...and Wednesday...

Mid-twenties in my garden this morning, with ice on all the standing water. Anything left outside will have had it. Yesterday the wind was so strong that it blew my hat off as I set out on my morning walk. Still cold and very windy today, but tomorrow should be a bit better. Time to clean up the remains of the vegetable garden and make it ready for winter. One more view of summer in the coldframe:

Summer in the cold frame

No writing over the weekend due to garden prep, but that cold indoor time is coming.


  1. I admire your gardening. How do you find time for anything else, let alone writing? It looks a full time job, the mere variety and number of them (to say nothing of how healthy each looks).

  2. Ah, but you haven't seen my housekeeping... ;-)