Sunday, October 17, 2010

Autumn weekend

Another beautiful Colorado fall day. Here's a touch of local color: the big ash tree across the street is putting on its usual display. In another week it will be mostly bare, but pure gold while it lasts.

Ash tree

No writing so far this weekend, but plenty of garden cleanup. We'll see how this afternoon goes.


  1. A beautiful view. I often wish I knew trees better (and plants generall, and birds) but do almost nothing about it. Perhaps I'll do better sometime in the future, for now I'm content to admire others' accomplishments.

    Finished The Ash Spear this evening, now to let some thoughts percolate before writing out my impressions.

  2. I grew up learning a fair amount about trees, birds, etc. from my maternal grandfather; the British equivalents for my books, however, come from study. I spent one pleasant August afternoon in the Black Mountains with several nature guides and my camera, identifying all the flowers in sight.