Monday, December 13, 2010


Hai mai! as Neirin would say. I've been off from work today, but so busy with bookselling administrivia that I keep forgetting to blog. Yesterday was the Colorado Welsh Society's annual Christmas tea, and I read a couple of poems as part of the program. Afterwards a number of people asked where they could find copies, and the upshot was that I sold several poetry books, and a set of novels as well. This led to the need to replenish the box of books I take to events, and the discovery that I am out of copies of The Ash Spear - not a desirable situation this time of year. I've ordered more, and they should show up in a couple of weeks, absent any blizzards between here and North Carolina... I'd been hoping to write a bit today, but all I've managed is half an hour or so glancing at timelines and thinking. So it goes...

Today's picture: draft horses at a Denver street fair last weekend.

Heavy horses at street fair

That's all for now.


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