Friday, October 26, 2012


Oh dear, another week's gone by with no new post. Well, I've been busy - Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday was mostly spent getting the garage ready to bring in some tender plants before the snow which arrived Wednesday night, and incidentally doing my best to evict a squirrel which was trying to take up residence there.(Yes, I eventually succeeded.) Nasty weather yesterday - several inches of wet snow before leaf-drop is not good, but fortunately no power outages, in this neighborhood, at least. Nicer today - 30's F but sunny, which has helped. Still involved with tidying up publishing loose ends for The Druid's Son - got a bulk order today. Yesterday I got the proof copy for the global distribution version and approved that, so (Gods willing) it should be on Amazon etc before Christmas. I've also set up a hardback version, available on Lulu only. All in all, no lack of things to keep me busy! -GRG

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  1. 1st snow of the winter in West Highlands today too, I'm told.