Saturday, May 25, 2024

Passing thoughts - 4th week of May 2024

 Considering various delays, I think the planned publication date on Well should be moved back to Samhain 2025. It occurred to me yesterday that this may be the last Storyteller book, and I want to get everything right. It ties up a lot of loose threads and puzzles from the preceding five books. There is a hypothetical third trilogy - "The Fall of the North" - but it starts twelve years after Well due to historical constraints, when Gwernin would be about 42 and Taliesin in his mid-60s, and is pretty dark. If I ever write those three books, I think they would be shorter and have a different shape. In the meantime, my next book after Well will be "Taliesin: King Arthur's Bard", another spin-off like "The King's Druid".

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