Thursday, June 6, 2024

June 2024 Update #1

 No new writing, but continued thinking. I've been busy w/ Oak Leaves and another project this week, but spent some time yesterday reading passages in The Fallen Stones where Gwernin first meets Fráechán. Things have to match up (more or less). But The Well of Wisdom will also have a lot of material from The King's Druid on Fráechán's  back story which Gwernin didn't know earlier, courtesy of Taliesin and of Fráechán himself.

Weather - we continue having an unusually warm June, and I hate to think about what it may be like in July. Because I was ill I didn't get anything started in the garden this year. Tomatoes I can buy in the market, but I miss the climbing beans with their red and purple flowers.

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