Tuesday, April 17, 2007

New ideas already

As you can see from the sidebar, I've already thought of new links to include on this page. I'll try to post something here most days, so visit often. Also, the comments feature is turned on and open, so if you have a link you think I would like, let me know.

I'm also going to include poetry as posts from time to time, starting with a longer introduction...

Gwernin's Boast
At the back of the North Wind
I had my beginning;
near the Head of the Alder-Wood
I got my birth.
Taliesin was my teacher,
First Bard of the Cymry --
I have slept in his homestead,
I have learnt well his words.
I have drunk wine and mead
with Aneirin in Dun Eidyn;
I have feasted before battle,
I have seen the spears fly.
I have traveled all of Britain,
north to south, east to west.
I have told tales for Princes,
I have sung before Kings.
I have walked at midnight
beneath the Summer Stars,
and in the midst of Winter
I have seen the Spirits’ Dance.
I have played my harp
beside the Gates of Annwn;
I have sung at Samhain
in the shadow of the Stones.
On the Isle of Druids
I have slept alone,
and I have watched at daybreak
for the opening of the Gate.
All through my Kingdom
my name is not ill-known:
Alder-tree am I --
I have sung songs.

(copyright 2006, 2007 by G R Grove)

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