Monday, April 16, 2007

So what is this all about?

"Blood and fire, gold and steel and poetry, a river’s voice in the silence of the night, and the shining strings of a harp – all these and more I have known in my time. Steep mountains, dark forests, and the endless song of the rain; music and laughter and feasting in the fire-bright halls of kings; a dusty road, and a fast horse, and a good friend beside me; and the sweet taste of the mead of Dun Eidyn, with its bitter aftermath: a dragon’s hoard of memories I have gathered, bright-colored as a long summer’s day. Now they are all gone, the men and women I knew when I was young, gone like words on the wind, and I am left here in the twilight to tell you their tale. Sit, then, and listen if you will to the words of Gwernin Kyuarwyd, called Storyteller."

That is the beginning of my novel Storyteller. The point of this blog is to centralize information about it in one place, and also to provide links to other resources regarding Welsh language and history, and the Society for Creative Anachronism - and maybe other things as I think of them.

Oh - "Tre Gwernin" means "Gwernin's home." Croeso - welcome to it!

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  1. This is a brilliant idea, and a perfect base of operation for your literary career and Celtic interests. All of your books can be featured here. Bravo!