Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Off to the War

Probably no more posts on Tre Gwernin until Monday, as I'll be involved in the big northern Outlands event, Glory War, for the next few days. This will include bardic circles, bardic classes, and bardic competitions, among other delights; I'll also spend a certain amount of time wandering around with my harp. More about all these activities when I get back.

Another writing update -- I'm on the last chapter of Flight of the Hawk, and could sit down and finish it now if I wasn't busy packing for war. It still needs some polishing and proof-reading, but I'm very satisfied with the book as a whole. There is a good bit more action compared to Storyteller, and more of an overall plotline, though there are also some new interior stories as well. Although the book starts off where Storyteller ended, I think I've included enough backstory that it should be a good independent read.

In the meantime, happy (what's left of the) 4th of July to all!

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