Thursday, July 26, 2007

Pennsic Panic

Less than a week now before I leave for Pennsic War, and so many things to do! Sorting and packing the camping gear is not too big a job, given that the tents are still in their bins in the back of the pickup from Glory (hey, why bother to move them?), but other things still need to come out and be checked. Checklists are important - last trip I didn't use one, figuring I knew what I was doing by now, and forgot the hammer! Fortunately I borrowed one from the next camp, but still...

Then there's the last-minute sewing projects, and this year the "bookstore" as well. I'll be taking thirty copies of Storyteller with me and selling them through one of the merchants (also an SCA bard). Busy, busy, busy ... at least the weather's cooler here for the next couple of days, which will help.

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