Friday, September 23, 2011


An early post, since I'll be busy today. Yesterday morning we had our first frost. This is relatively late for Denver, where we often get a hard garden-destroying freeze in early September followed by another month of irritatingly mild weather. Yesterday's frost was light - I had a small amount in the coldest spot in my yard, but saw frost in some other open spaces and on roofs while I was taking my dawn walk. No damage to the garden, and I had protected the eggplant/pepper bed with plastic just in case. The reading by my back door was 34 F.

Managed to get some more writing done on the new book the last couple of evenings. I've got to get more regular about this. I don't find it easy to start a passage - rather like diving into cold water - and will do all sorts of things to put it off (like blogging!). Once written, on the other hand, editing is easy. I'm also doing this one without an outline, another departure from past practice. Things come as they come. I like the results so far.

The autumn clematis is in full bloom, and smells wonderful:

garden 036

Back to work...


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