Monday, September 26, 2011


The new book is coming along slowly. Title still seems to be a bit uncertain - I may use something other than "The Druid's Son" after all, and leave that one for Gwernin... Got a little writing done over the weekend, in and around other things.

The finches are busy with the sunflower seeds now, but one took a little time out yesterday to take a bath:

garden 002

Weather's still warm and dry - I actually am getting zucchini again, although they're growing slower. Still, the longer before serious frost, the more beans will mature, not to mention the last three pumpkins which are only now starting to change color.

Speaking of changing, I'll be changing the template on this blog soon, but wanted to tinker with it a bit first to give people a warning - I hate going to sites which are suddenly completely different!

Back to work now...


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