Monday, September 12, 2011


We spent the weekend at Estes Park in the mountains, helping with the Colorado Welsh Society booth at the Long's Peak Scottish-Irish Highland Festival and telling stories. I got a chance to do the Mongan story for the first time. It still needs a little more polishing, and preferably a venue with *slightly* less overwhelming background noise, but it's coming along. I also did a few others - "Arthur and the Three Truths", "House Was Too Small", "How Cuchulain Got His Name", and "MacCrimthann's Three Treasures" are the ones I remember. Also got to tell a lot of people about my books. I could have sold a few, but the Long's Peak festival doesn't like that unless you're an official merchant (and pay through the nose for the privilege).

We also found a Celtic jeweler named Michael Hayman whose work we hadn't seen before but really liked. I bought two pieces from him, and would have liked to buy more.

An Estes Park picture to close:

estes_2011 015

The white tents are the festival.


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