Monday, June 18, 2012


...and already too hot. Denver set a new high temperature record yesterday, sigh. This will *not* help the firefighters trying to deal with the High Park fire.

The garden is doing great. Beans are starting to climb their trellis, raspberries and pie cherries are ripe, onions are burgeoning, and some of the peas are ready for picking. This morning's raspberry harvest:

june_2012 003

I got more writing done over the weekend, partly because it was too hot to exercise or garden yesterday. 1,682 words so far in the last week - not great, but there were some "zero" days in there, too. Total manuscript is 150 pages so far, which puts me around the half-way mark. Once I finish this fill-in chapter, I can move on to the last two rewrite sections - then forward!

Another garden picture to finish:

june_2012 007

...and then back to work.


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