Monday, June 25, 2012


Not a very productive weekend, as the hot weather continues. Denver has now set record highs (~102 F) for 3 (4?) days in a row, and it's not over. We also spent part of Saturday afternoon celebrating the Solstice with the local Druids in Cheeseman Park, where it was far too hot to be enjoyable.

The garden at least is doing well. I water all of it every morning, and parts get extra water in the evening as well, despite the ferocious mosquitoes. Still getting raspberries, although the pie cherries are now past their best, and the beans are climbing rapidly. Too hot to go out and take more pictures, so here's another one from last week:

june_2012 007

Almost finished the fill-in chapter for DS - hopefully I can finish it today before it gets too hot. MS currently stands at 59,660 words and 156 pages... 2400 words in the last week isn't bad, considering the interruptions.



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