Monday, July 2, 2012


Another hot weekend, especially yesterday when we didn't get any afternoon clouds. The next few days are supposed to be a bit better - we'll see. What we need most is our usual early July "monsoon" - tropical moisture coming up from Mexico to give us regular afternoon thunderstorms.

However, the garden's doing well. I'm still having red (and a few yellow) raspberries for breakfast as I do the early morning watering, which is pleasant, and the mosquito population seems to be dropping off a bit (no rain...). The robins, black caps, and squirrels are finishing off the pie cherries - I don't try to pick anything above my reach, which leaves plenty for them. I've also seen house finches in the evening. The birdbaths remain very popular. Some of the largest sunflowers have started to bloom, which will eventually be popular with all of the above.

june_2012 003

I've been researching more than writing the last couple of days, mostly about the 1st century CE Roman army. This is going to lead to some rewriting of the last bit of the manuscript, as I am now of the opinion that our hero couldn't have survived the action as written! Modification definitely required...


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