Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Well, the re-writes are over, at least for now, and I can go forward. The last patch is still a bit rough, but I can deal with that in the second draft if necessary. It feels quite liberating to be looking at what amounts to a clean page before me, and only a general idea of what I'm going to write to fill it.

We had some better weather yesterday afternoon - clouds and a few light sprinkles, which cooled things down nicely. Hot again today, but tomorrow is supposed to be better. We'll see - they've been wrong so many times lately that my expectations are not high.

Not much new in the garden, although I planted some marigolds yesterday in spots where the peas had been. Too warm to go out and take a picture, so here's a different one from last week instead. There's now a three inch long cucumber under the leaves at the left end of the picture.

june_2012 005
And that's it for today.


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