Friday, July 13, 2012

Weather continues warmer than average, but not as bad as it was in June. Squirrels ate half the flowers off my zinnias yesterday and stole my first decent sized ripe tomato. There are a lot more of them around lately (squirrels, not tomatoes) - probably this spring's youngsters being turfed out by mom and looking for handouts. There have also been continued signs of raccoons, although they currently seem to be waiting for the honey crisp apples to get a little riper... Squirrels, however, don't put corn in the birdbath.

Raspberries are about finished, but were wonderful while they lasted.One bean stalk has reached the top of the netting - over six feet up - and I expect to start harvesting green beans in two to three weeks. There's also a female flower on one of the yellow zucchinis. Summer gardens make up for the hot weather!

Honey crisp apples on Monday morning after rain:

july_2012 011

Not much writing yesterday, because I was playing with maps, partly because of story matters and partly to start preparing the illustrations for the book. One of the ones I need almost overlaps the North Wales from The Ash Spear - almost, but not quite. Sigh. So I'm drawing a new one... Just to make things clear, in case they weren't, the book I'm currently working on is the prequel set in 60-80 CE, called The Druid's Son. The next Storyteller book (#4), which I hope to have out late next year, will be called The Fallen Stones.

Today more writing and less drawing, I hope. Onward!


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